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Choose our jewels and we will give you gadgets

- heavy regular cotton bag: FREE with 2 purchased products

- V-neck thirt shirt in 100% cotton with print on the back: FREE with 4 purchased products
Large cotton Jumbo shopper bag with handles and print on one side: FREE with 5 products purchased
- 100% pure cotton thirt V-shirt + Jumbo bag: FREE with 6 products purchased
In addition, always FREE shipping and you will receive a small gadget even by purchasing a single jewel.

To take advantage of the promotion:
- register in our shop
- put your products in the cart
- you will find the possibility to add the free product directly to the cart or add the gift and add it to the cart
- make the payment by paypal or credit card

The promotion is valid only for purchases made on the website, in the event of a partial return, even the gifts connected to the order must be returned new and complete with labels.


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